Chef Nigel's Tempura Prawn and Squid, Chilli, Mango and Lime Salsa

Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Time for the weekly treat from Chef Nigel! An exciting dish full of flavour! Tempura Prawn and Squid, Chilli, Mango and Lime Salsa


500g cleaned squid, cut into pieces
500g shelled king prawns
1 Ripe mango, diced
1 Red chilli, diced finely
Handful of coriander, chopped
1 lime
1Tbsp rapeseed oil
65g Plain flour
65g Cornflour
1Tsp salt
1 Egg, whisked
180ml Chilled sparkling water


To make the salsa:
Combine the mango, chilli, coriander, lime and rapeseed oil in a bowl and mix. 

To make the tempura:
To make the tempura batter, in a large bowl whisk to combine the plain flour and cornflour. Whisk the egg. Measure the sparkling water into a liquid measuring cup, then stir in the whisked egg. Add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir until just combined. Season with the salt.

To finish:
Set your deep fat fryer to 180˚C. Dip the prawns and squid into the batter and lightly coat. Deep fry in small batches for two minutes until crisp, golden and just cooked. Season to taste and keep warm.  Dress your serving plate with the salsa and place the prawns and squid on top. To garnish, add finely sliced spring onions and soy sauce as a dip. Enjoy!