Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

The Titanic Hotel Belfast Sustainability Policy January 2024

The Titanic Hotel Belfast recognises the potential impacts to the environment associated with the operation of a hotel. We are proud to serve in our local environment and community, and to curtail any negative impacts we are committed to implementing a sustainability policy that involves taking proactive measures to prevent pollution, conserve resources and support our local community, while also maintaining quality services to our guests. 

We acknowledge the need for responsible and sustainable environmental management across our hotel and will strive to incorporate good environmental practices into our management decisions and operations and we ask every member of our team to consider best practice and help us reduce our impact on the environment, which is an essential driver for the future of our business. 

We fully support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and pledge to undertake actions that will minimise our impact on the environment, promote strong community relationships and promote fair and green economic growth. We will seek to begin on this journey be addressing the following areas:

  • We completed an energy audit of our hotel in Spring 2022, recording all energy usage to allow accurate monitoring of our energy consumption and identify key energy saving initiatives
  • We have invested in BHS, to reduce energy consumption 
  • The majority of our building is fitted with LED bulbs and are working towards 100% LED use by the end of 2024
  • We encourage staff and customers to switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use

Waste Management
  • We recycle cooking oils from our hotel kitchens via a local contractor
  • We have food waste composting and recycling bins for staff use. We use this to recycle and compost materials across our hotel and from our guests’ rooms.
  • We are committed to educating and training all members of staff in environmental issues and good recycling practices to create a more circular and sustainable system within our hotels

Titanic Hotel Belfast in the community
  • Our chefs source as many ingredients as possible from local suppliers and producers, who provide us with 100% traceability, fresh, flavoursome and high quality produce within a 20-mile radius
  • Our staff regularly participate in charity events where all funds raised will be contributed towards local charities and good causes
  • We engage with local primary and secondary schools helping to develop and support community relations, and support educational initiatives and work with 3rd level educational institutions to encourage apprenticeships in our business

Future actions
  • Titanic Hotel Belfast is committed to continuously improving our recycling practices within our hotels and ensuring these practices are communicated to both staff and guests
  • Any future refurbishment plans will consider the most recent developments and technologies that will enable us to reduce our impact on the environment
  • We will comply with all environmental and health and safety laws in our activities and will continuously review our policy to improve our environmental impact.

Equality, Diversity and Anti-Slavery
  • We are a fair employer who seeks to create a safe, inclusive, diverse and happy workplace for our employees, offering equal opportunities for personal and professional development and growth
  • We fully support the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and condemn any form of slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour, human trafficking or exploitation within our hotel, and across our supply chain

What you can do to help…

We’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do to help us reduce our environmental impact during your stay:

  • Reuse - Pack your reusable water bottle, coffee cup and shopping bags
  • Recycle - Please recycle where you can
  • Conserve energy – We would ask that you try to boil only the amount of water that you need via the kettle in your room; switch off your chargers, TV’s and electrical appliances when not in use and turn off lights when you are leaving the room and close bedroom windows if you are trying to heat up your room
  • Conserve water by turning off running taps
  • Walk don’t drive – enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Titanic Quarter with a leisurely walk to the city or make use of local bicycles and public transport

General Manager 
Adrian McNally