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Artefacts and Artworks

Titanic Hotel Belfast is home to a permanent collection of over 500 artworks, artefacts and photographs. Rare images and authentic memorabilia transport the viewer back to the Golden Age of Ocean Travel.

Visual treasures from the Harland & Wolff archive convey the design and engineering prowess of Belfast's shipyards. Original artefacts and architectural features are waiting to be discovered as you open drawers or push doors.

Experience the styles and fashions on board the luxury liners through passenger portraits and colourful White Star Line travel ephemera. 

The museum-grade collection was created in collaboration with institutions, historians, private collectors and local artists.

With thanks to:
Brian and Audrey Rebbeck
Steve and Jane Raffield

Artwork and photography throughout the building was curated by Harcourt's group creative director John Paul Doherty.