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The 6,966-ton oil tanker Invergoil (Yard No. 331) was launched today for the British Mexican Petroleum Co.


Amerika (Yard No. 357)

The passenger ship Amerika (Yard No. 357) was delivered today to the Hamburg American Line (HAPAG).The 22,724-ton vessel was intended for the transatlantic service between Hamburg and New York, via Dover and Cherbourg. The liner, designed by Alexander M. Carlisle, in overall design terms was similar to White Star’s ‘Celtic’ class but with interiors that represented some of the finest ever produced on Queen’s Island.

A new and novel feature was the introduction of a magnificently appointed restaurant in which passengers could dine a la carte, paying for their meals as if they were in a hotel. The restaurant was managed for HAPAG by the Carlton Hotel Company, who also supplied the chefs and waiters. The restaurant proved such a success that the concept was incorporated in the design of the ‘Olympic’ class liners. (see: 20 April 1905)

On This Day

On This Day