Aisleigh and Patrick's Titanic Wedding - Photos by Jordan Fraser

Monday, 01 October 2018
titanic hotel wedding
Aisleigh and Patrick had their wedding reception at Titanic Hotel Belfast. They went for a low-key elegant theme, with floral and golden details. Titanic Hotel Belfast’s singular architecture blends perfectly with the decorative elements, which combine classic touches with modern ones - just like the hotel, a classic setting in the middle of an industrial area.
titanic wedding decor
The choice of venue and decorative elements says a lot about the personality of the bride and groom. They chose a place with character that does not need too much to stand out. Just like themselves?

They had Belfast photographer Jordan Fraser masterfully capture their special day, resulting in a beautiful photographic series. Jordan has over 10 years’ experience in wedding photography that clearly translates onto his work, with extra attention to detail and great care for what he does.
titanic hotel wedding
More a more couples are choosing to get married in the city because it provides an edgy backdrop to a timeless romantic wedding. Like Titanic Quarter, which “offers a beautiful skyline for an evening shoot”, says Jordan. And seeing Aisleigh and Patrick’s stunning pictures at nightfall, we have to agree. Not to mention that a city location will ensure better connections for you and your guests.
titanic wedding titanic quarter
If you are looking for a quirky but elegant wedding in the city, Titanic Hotel Belfast is your venue. Imagine getting married in our beautiful Drawing Office One, where most Harland & Wolff liners were designed, including RMS Titanic. And now this space continues making history and witnessing so many couples’ first steps into married life.

Every wedding is different at Titanic Hotel Belfast, our function rooms are like a blank canvas that can be adapted to your taste and personality. There is no right or wrong; just chat to our Wedding team and start planning your dream day at Titanic Hotel Belfast