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Though many holiday and travel plans for 2020 have been interrupted, staycations in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the UK are on the horizon. Titanic Hotel Belfast offers an ideal staycation destination as one of the leading luxury hotels in the UK.

Titanic Hotel Belfast is located in the former headquarters of Harland & Wolff, builders of Titanic, and provides the perfect destination for anyone travelling to Belfast to enjoy a staycation in the city. Titanic Hotel Belfast is ideally located in the centre of the Titanic Quarter, an area transformed over the past decade into Northern Ireland’s premier leisure destination with numerous heritage assets and visitor attractions, such as Titanic Belfast; restaurants and public spaces just metres from the hotel; making the building one of the best hotels to explore Belfast and enjoy the wonders that are available when you travel to the UK.

As we re-open we are taking every precaution and following the government’s guidelines to ensure your safety, and that of our staff. Titanic Hotel Belfast has implemented a one way system and speed check-in and check-out as precautionary measures. We ask that you comply with the regulations put in place by the NHS to ensure the safety of all guests and staff at the hotel and to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Guests travelling from areas not included on the UK’s coronavirus green list will have to self-isolate for 14 days prior to their visit.

We will have seasonal staycation deals and packages available, as well as staycation ideas so you can explore the very best places to visit in Belfast from your luxury homebase at Titanic Hotel Belfast as you travel to the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

A staycation refers to a vacation taken at or near your home. Staycations are a great way to enjoy some time off while you protect yourself against Covid-19. See Titanic Hotel Belfast’s website to see some of the best staycation deals and ideas in England.
Titanic Hotel Belfast has taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. We work very hard to follow all guidelines put in place by the NHS to ensure your staycation to Northern Ireland is a safe one.
Belfast offers one of the best opportunities for a staycation in the UK with amazing activities and amenities, including those offered by Titanic Hotel Belfast, such as our amazing bar and restaurant. We have a number of measures in place with focus in cleanliness, as well as meticulous hygiene and sanitisation that go beyond NHS regulations, and amazing ideas for you to make the most out of your staycation.
Belfast offers one of the best city staycations of the moment, offering local amenities such as tours, museums, great bars and restaurants, shopping areas and more unmissable attractions. With all the amazing activities and amenities offered at Titanic Hotel Belfast you will not run out of staycation ideas in the UK.
When you stay with Titanic Hotel Belfast there is no end to the activities you can do during your stay, whether your ideal break includes outdoor activities, shopping, dining… travel to the UK and see the amazing staycation offers available.
Staycations are the new thing during Coronavirus times, and the best places to visit are the ones with rigorous sanitisation routines. Titanic Hotel Belfast ensures every safety precaution is being implemented so you can enjoy a worry-free staycation in Belfast.
Titanic Hotel Belfast is an ideal place to staycation with your family. We have great offers for families, not to mention that Titanic Quarter has a number of amenities and attractions that are sure to mean your family staycation in The UK is a great one.
Titanic Hotel Belfast offers a unique chance to enjoy a three-day getaway in the UK. For staycations and holidays at home we offer some of the best exclusive deals in the safest ways possible.
The UK and particularly Northern Ireland are a versatile travel destination, and have so much to offer, including ocean activities and seaside stays, as well as mountain views, and fields so fondly sung of in our folk songs. Titanic Hotel Belfast is the ideal base to enjoy the best that The UK has to offer.